As a provider, one of the critical challenges you need to address is delivering the best care while lowering costs and improving quality and outcomes. And the transition from a “pay for service” model to a “value-based system” is one of the most significant factors in achieving that result. But the transformation to a “value-based system” can be quite complex and the path to achieving it can be quite uncertain. Enlightiks can help you navigate this challenging yet rewarding journey with powerful and actionable insights, deep analytics expertise and analytics solutions that are tailored to your needs. We work in the background to help you deliver the right care, at the right time, and in the right setting to enable better compliance, drive collaborative care and enhance revenue generation. Our suite of services for providers in the healthcare industry include the following:

Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Enhance the care continuum through care coordination, cohort/relationship/ financial/knowledge management, clinician engagement and predictive analytics & reporting

Population Health Management

Improve the health of an entire population through patient registries & cohorts, patient-provider attribution, cost metrics, care coordination, etc.

Deep Learning Analytics

Convert health data to health intelligence through marketing analytics, disease progression analytics and patient similarity analytics

Public Health

As a public health organization, leveraging health-related raw data to improve health outcomes, enhancing public health surveillance, optimizing response systems and improving overall productivity is key to delivering effective preventive healthcare services.Enlightiks can aid you in maximizing these data to make critical decisions faster, empower the workforce, enhance data quality and cut costs through improved efficiency for better preventive care. Enlightiks enables these outcomes by helping you turn data into intelligent, actionable insights. Our suite of services for public health organizations in the healthcare industry include the following:

Population Health Outcomes

Create clinical cohorts based on multiple vectors, matching and recognizing patterns, using predictive analytics on the clinical cohorts, and leveraging reports and dashboards